Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wes Willenbring - Somewhere Someone Else (Hidden Shoal)

Modern classical hasn't felt this young in years! I mention the genre to friends, and they yawn to the tune of stuffy library halls and uncomfortable theater seats. Meanwhile, the old friend quietly slipped under the contemporary knife of post ambient and got itself a face lift. Enter Wes Willenbring and his debut full length on Australian digital label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, simply titled Somewhere Someone Else. If you love melancholic piano sounds that bathe you with warm and wet kisses; if you like ambient textures exploring the silence and space; if you like muted guitar and blurry soundscapes that move with synthetic and organic sighs... then Wes Willinbring has a treat for you. Hailing from San Francisco, Willinbring started piano lessons at the age of seven. Years of recordings, collaborations, and explorations yielded this perfect soundtrack to an emotional repose. Pick up the album from Hidden Shoal's online store, and while you're there grab the free label samplers. Recommended if you enjoy Manual, Bruno Sanfilippo, Evan Bartholomew, Kiln and Opitope. Favorite tracks: Lost Illusions, As You Fade Away, and While My Lungs Fill With Water. | |

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travis said...

this sound great.. i'll defnitely be checking this out. lucky that i just (re)joined emusic last month!

your description reminds me of a netaudio release that i plan to review next on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled ;)