Friday, July 4, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Michał Jacaszek

What inspired you to manipulate acoustic recordings into a composition of its own?
Acoustic sounds themselves  are very  inspiring.  In opposite to most of synthetic sources they have a potential to be extended, manipulated, and after all they still  preserve their rich lively  nature. For me as a producer working with digital media , this is very secure and comfortable  situation.

Tell us more about your own musical language?
I hope I have one. I want my music to be soft but hardly touching, monotonic but keeping you awake,  filled with emotions but controlled, ... not too narrative neither too cinematic - but still atmospheric... A bit like with a prayer -  I like repetitions, trance mood.  If I really have my own  aesthetics, I want it to be in constant evolution...

Is there a sad story behind your soundtrack?
"Treny" means "laments" in ancient Polish vocabulary. This is also a title of collection of elegiac poems written by a Polish renaissance  poet Jan Kochanowski. These pieces have really strong tension,  they are deeply touching and they were written after the death of poet's little daughter. Her name was Orszula - and it is also a title of one of my tracks. Other tracks' names are "rhythm is immortality",  "grief", "death calm" etc. So definitely you can find some sad motifs behind my album.I am fascinated with this part of human emotions, although I have a quite happy life. Passing , vanishing, ending,  - these  things inspire me strongly. |

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