Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Hecq

What inspired you to compose Night, such a grandiose instrumental piece?
even if this might sound like a quote from a b-movie but actually the experience that's nothing's eternal. things just not made to last... which is a thought i had to get used to over several years actually :) putting that vulnerability into an album was something i needed to do last year. it was created in 2-3 weeks actually... it was kind of phase i was in and where all pieces came together by themselves more or less - that again was proof to me that you can't force ideas really - that's why i haven't released an album in 2006...

Is there a story behind this [imaginary] soundtrack?
yeah...actually the story behind it are the reasons in the first answer but to be more precise: the loss of things and persons you wanted to keep, gaining clarity and how these things make you grow. i don't want this to sounds acroamatic really - i guess everyone knows that these experiences happen to us on almost a daily basis but we tend to mask them out (at least i do) so i have to channel these things into something else which helps me to reflect better and focused... It's not always like that though... sometimes i just love to get mental on plug ins :D3.

This is quiet a departure from the "usual" Hecq. How do you personally feel about it, and do you think you'll produce more?
yes it is - i feel that it was a need excursion from the previous work but it wont be the general style from now on. quite the opposite even - the 6th album (which i'm producing these days) will be pretty different from night falls...or better: night falls was the different album - as i'm inspired and motivated by many other things as well, nr.6 will be showing more and different approaches to music.

Do you have a desire for scoring films?
yes i have indeed! the sound design works are being a good outlet for this desire but i haven't had the chance to score an entire film yet - but i promise that this will happen very soon... its in the air :D |

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