Monday, June 23, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with The Drift

I have to ask - who are your current favorite artists and influences?
well the list is long and varied when it comes to influences, but if if we had to distill it down it would have to be something like: the necks, fela kuti, miles davis, fugazi, konono no. 1, ryhs chatham, cymande, dub of all kinds, SF, traveling, food, and most of all our friends and loved ones making art and music.

Any good stories from your tour across Europe?
well the tour was a good story in it of itself, but some stand out's would be playing the all tomorrow's parties festival that our friends explosions in the sky curated, being amongst many friends there - mono, eluvium, lazarus. it was a family event. our shows in poland we're outstanding (!)... the warmth from the people and generosity from our hosts was just incredible all-around. playing in a veranda in Esslingen Germany was surreal. having our friend cj boyd as a travel companion was also a real treat for us.

What's next in store for the band?
we've got a few exciting festival's in the works... LOLA Festival in London Ontario this September, the SF based annual Mission Creek Music Festival in July, and the Tanned Tin festival in Castellion Spain in November. we'll also be working on a string of us dates in the fall so keep your eyes peeled! |

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