Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welder - Vines And Streams (Cyberset)

Brendan Angelides is the man behind his solo project under the name of Welder. With his debut on a San Francisco based collective, Cyberset, Angelides demonstrates that he's just as proficient at downtempo as he is at breaks under his other alias, Eskmo. Following this full length release, Welder got picked up by a West Coast downtempo label, Native State Records, for a digital only Bamboo Snow EP. The Purple and Orange track gets upgraded to another EP with additional remixes by Bluetech, Fanu, Dov, and Audiovoid. Ranging from world music to orchestral glitchy instrumentation, Vines And Stream is simply a fun album to listen to. From the very first track, you're enveloped in easy bopping beats, that take you on a ride in a country with the convertible top down and your spirits up. The production is tight, the percussion is crisp, and the broken melodic patterns get stuck in your memory. The uplifting and organic mood of this IDM-meets-trip-hop album, reminds you that mother nature doesn't have that something that we call "bad weather", and as it rains outside you'll feel delighted to embrace the falling drops. And you'll smile. I place Welder somewhere between Portishead, Tricky, Banco de Gaia and The Orb. Favorite track: Rain. |

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