Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Subheim

Your album is full of emotion. What is the story behind the music and Subheim?
I guess emotion had always been the main inspiration for me all the way from the start. Quite extreme and harsh at the beginning and really ambient, downtempo later, however always chasing after those passionate moments... started off with a blackmetal band around 2000 and later on continued with atmospheric post rock / trip-hop and so on. In 2006 I came up with the idea of forming the Subheim project, which was meant to be an absolutely personal expression of my deepest feelings and inner thoughts. The beginning of 2007 until the recent days was the most important period for my musical vision, since it was the period when "Approach" was conceived, composed and took its final form. There was no original plan or guideline as to how it should finally sound like, I was just mixing up sounds, images, feelings and elements that move me.

Katja's voice perfectly brings out the melancholy in some tracks. How did you meet and decide work together on the project?
We know each other for about 4 years and from the first moment, I strongly believed she could deeply feel what my music is about and put the perfectly matching emotion into it. We had previously worked together on a few tracks that were mostly into trip-hop/ambient style and I knew we had to be on this together as well. She is a wonderful singer and a very talented artist that has a unique and incredibly passionate way to make things sound very sensitive and deeply emotional. "Voces Perdidas" would actually be nothing without her... which I have to mention is my favourite track... What is 100% sure is that the next Subheim album will feature much more vocals by Katja and you should expect a lot more aspects of her genuine talent to unfold ;)

How does your experience as a visual artist and graphic designer compliment your musical production?
Pictures, images, people, places I've been to affect me in so many ways that couldn't be separated from my music. I could never imagine my compositions without bringing to mind this desperate world we live in... the feelings of emptiness, despair, the struggle to stay alive in this neverending urban madness and so many issues that keep my mind active, urge me to incorporate sceneries that captivate as much as possible the moments that keep me going. My next project will be a video-clip for Subheim. Video Design has always been a fascinating art to me and I'm impatient to start working again on it. |

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