Sunday, June 1, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Nebulo

There seems to be a lot of different names for this genre of music in which you excel, and frankly, the umbrella term, "IDM" does not capture it well. How would you describe your music?
I don't feel close to any particular term. I'm just a musical human sponge, every musical / sonic material is welcome to feed my brain's idea box. Then I make this kind of "ambient / sub-stretched drones / soundscapes / ghosts melodies / sculptured textured & sudden beats", but in fact it's simply electronic music.

What do you think the future will be for this genre?
Electronic music now belong to the pop culture. Sampling technique is everywhere - you can hear IDM things on TV, people mix influences and explore the sonic textures, melting genres. A lot of people that were initially into pop/rock stuff have been attracted to electronica (Radiohead is a famous good example), and I think it's interesting because it opens up the doorway. So I think that all of this is just going to blur more and more of genre's frontiers, creating a sort of global digital hybrid music.

What artists do you draw your musical inspirations from?
Hmm... As I've said before, I'd define myself as a sort of mental sponge - I don't exactly know who inspires me, I think it's a mess of influences. Listening to music, reading, watching films, hearing sounds in the streets or elsewhere give my brain ideas. I quite often take notes about a passage of a film or music, or a sound I've heard, an image that amazed me. Sometimes I only listen once to a particular piece, and it can inspire me, an idea comes true and I try to make it concrete quick, before it escapes. It makes sense in the present, but if I let it go, I won't understand later what I've found "so" interesting. It changes with time. And of course there are the artists that have an aesthetic universe which I find inspiring. For this check out my influences on myspace page.

Tell us about your upcoming album.
I'm still working on it. I should have everything finished by June. It should be titled "ãvutmã" and will be released early September, 2008 on Hymen Records. It' ll contain more or less 10-12 tracks. It 's a bit different from my first album "Kolia", maybe a little less rhythmic, more ambient/hypnotic approach, darker and more complex in my opinion... some tracks don't have any beats at all. I'd say it's also a bit more noisy/crunchy imperfections generally in the sonic textures. One track can be only made of processed flutes / voices and organ, another one is focused on musicboxes, one is almost piano solo with clicky beats, changing textures... I'm really happy with the relief of the whole thing, each track has a specific play and it gives a particular and coherent mood to this album. I'll be uploading some previews on myspace page. |

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