Sunday, June 22, 2008

DJ Walkman - Milk Und Herring (Sutemos)

Sutemos is a Lithuanian net label releasing free music from an eclectic collective of artists since 2004. The most notable of the releases is a series titled Intelligent Toys which spearheads the electronic music scene with underground highlights from Vladislav Delay, Near The Parenthesis, Esem, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Machine Drum, Praveen, Funckarma, Quench and Sense just to run through of a few names from the last, fourth volume. This time around, the founder of the Sutemos label, who goes by the name of DJ Walkman, has released a mix, titled Milk Und Herring. When I pick up a DJ mix, I look not only for the flow of tracks, but also the selection - the most important aspect. I could care less how perfect your beat-matching and transitions are, if the tracks were clearly chosen only to compliment the mix. DJ Walkman demonstrates that it is possible to skillfully accomplish both. The tracks on this excellent compilation range in genres and span over a decade of releases, collecting some of my favorite releases of all times. The first three tracks are from Burial, Coldcut, and Thom Yorke. And that's just a start. DJ Walkman effortlessly queues up Photek, followed by Radiohead, Squarepusher and Underworld, creating extra long mixes [exactly how I like it]. Then we move into Plaid, Speedy J, and Nautilis. By the time Plastikman, Poligon Window and the Surgeon come on, you begin to understand what the meaning behind the title is, and how this stylistic variety can be consumed in one sitting, of mixing such diverse ingredients like milk and herring. You know you want to hear it! Especially because it's FREE! Download directly from the Sutemos site. |

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steve said...

Great net label and awesome mix! I've played this quite a few times while working on art.