Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fraction - Superposition (Infiné)

Superposition is a delicately packaged EP, with intricate designs and CMYK offsets that at first looks like it's going to deliver some club sounds from a French label, Infiné. And the first track from Eric Raynaud, aka Fraction, hints a little bit of that. With a light four/four beat the headlining A1 begs for the dance floor. But for me things start getting interesting right afterward. For the next four tracks on the EP, Raynaud drops minimal techno inspired rhythms, and instead twists and turns through some dark and experimental IDM, from steady flow to glitchy hip-hop flavored hiccups. Since I'm a bigger fan of the latter, this is where Fraction truly shines for me. Eric Raynaud turned his attention to electronic music after a decade of playing in an indie band. After moving to Paris from Boston, Raynaud pursued electronica production, drawing from inspirations like Aphex Twin, Monolake, J. Coltrane, and even John Cage. While on US tour of 2005, Raynaud got to meet Marco Haas (T. Raumschmiere), who invited him to release some tracks on his own label, Berlin based Shitkatapult. His track, Waiting For Josh, appeared on a compilation 12-incher with Apparat, Magnum 38, Soap & Skin, and T. Raumschmiere himself. My favorite tracks on the Superposition EP remind me of that Warp Records sound from Clark, Prefuse 73, Plaid and of course, Autechre. If this is just a teaser of things to come, than Infiné (who also has released a remix EP from Apparat) may be in as much anticipation for a full length from Fraction as I am. Favorite track: Supermarket of Soul. | |

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