Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nebulo - Kolia (Hymen)

I'm really trying to be unbiased when it comes to one of my favorite labels, Hymen, but there's just way too many great releases from this German offshoot of And-Zen, and I can barely keep up. While I'm refreshing my memory with Nebulo's 2006 debut, another artist that I blindly "collect" everything by, Hecq, has released his fifth album (more on that later, I don't want to digress). Nebulo is an alias of French composer Thomas Pujols. Pujols received a degree from Bordeaux Conservatoire, and began producing the dark and melodic crispy IDM after embracing noise from electro acoustic composition courses on experimental and avant-garde sound. He also works with several agencies as a sound designer, composer, and audio consultant for various media. Nebulo has previously contributed remixes to Hecq's 0000 and Architect's Lower Lip Interface. The tracks on Kolia are full blown compositions, each with a unique story transforming the listener into a world of surreal dreamscapes painted with tears and sometimes even with blood. The gentle harmony and calm melodies are offset by glitchy percussion and rhythmic labyrinths carefully deconstructed and molded back into one whole. I was last this excited about an outstanding production when I picked up Kattoo's Hang On To A Dream (coincidentally [?] on Hymen as well). Kolia is a perfect soundtrack for the imagery within a melancholic soul, locked in the prison of a troubled mind. The intelligence and complexity of the sonic onslaught immediately catapult Nebulo to the ear-candy's favorites. And I want more! Recommended for the above mentioned names as well as Lusine Icl, Gridlock, Keef Baker and Somatic Responses. |

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