Sunday, March 23, 2008

Artificial Intelligence (Warp)

On July 9, 1992, a small label, starting off as a record shop in Sheffield, England, released a first installment of its Artificial Intelligence series, with the purpose of showcasing some of the most experimental electronic music at the time. The founders of Weird And Radical Projects (WARP), Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell, took the first leap in marketing dance music, produced for the purpose of listening. As suggested by the image of an armchair on the album’s cover, the listener was invited to engage in sound and contemplate its intelligent form. The release was a success, and became the topic of conversation on the electronic mailing list founded in August 1993, called Intelligent Dance Music List. Thus, the term IDM, was born. Allow me to take the time and go over each individual track and artist appearance that graced this monumental period of electronic music history.

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steve said...

In my top ten of all time, for obvious reasons. man, I love this cd (and 2 as well). And in 2008, we get awesome releases from the Black Dog, the Orb, AE, and B12(!!!). AI revival time baby!!