Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tipper - Tertiary Noise (Tipper Music)

Dave Tipper returns with the latest installment in electro flavored trip hop, downtempo, and nu skool breaks. This album, titled Tertiary Noise, is once again released on his own label, Tipper Music. With a couple of remixes (including two by Si Begg), remastered back catalogue selections, and never before released tracks, this 2008 flashback sounds a lot like... well... Tipper. And that's not necessarily a bad thing - from the very first track, you find yourself in a familiar territory of glitchy treatments, solid beats, and deep rumbling bass. From then on, the album is a rhythmic ride down the Tipper lane. It's a bit darker, crispy-crackly, and less melodic than Tipper's previous releases, with an occasional rehash of a recognized beat - but once again, this aspect doesn't make it any less appealing. Tipper's ability for continuous output in the genre is unrivaled, yet Tertiary Noise is rumored to be his final foray into the uptempo break beat sound. Excellent disk for the dance floor. Side note: my Grados lacked the bass response, but the studio KRK sub did not disappoint. So be sure to have a well equipped vehicle to feel the vibrations on this trip. Available as a lossless download from Addictech. Favorite track: A Touch Of The Vapours and Dissolve (Si Begg Mix). |

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steve said...

I like some of this guy's stuff - nothing outstanding but good nonetheless. I've got one of his Crunch releases - wicked downtempo beat science going on there.