Sunday, March 30, 2008

Electronic Explorations

I rarely find a podcast that is notable for a dedicated writeup. Electronic Explorations makes a second appearance in my reviews - and why not? - I listen to the 90-minute show every week! Rob Booth first got inspired by broadcasting when he heard a show on Radio 1, titled Breezeblock, hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs back in 1997. Since then, he has been fascinated with exploration in sound and evolution of genres. After some experience with Alternative Blueprint Records and Good Looking Records, Booth was blessed by working directly with Hobbs. In November ’07, Booth launched the first installment of Electronic Explorations - a weekly podcast showcasing glitchy IDM, minimal techno, dubstep, and everything in between. I first came across Booth’s show at its seventh episode, featuring amazing melodic dubstep from Ranking Records. Since then I have been religiously consuming every minute, and it has been a very rewarding experience. Through Electronic Explorations, I got introduced to labels and artists now permanently gracing my rotations. Unlike other podcasts, which frustrate me to no end with constant chatter right over the music [seriously, guys, I tune in to listen to the music, not your uber-fascinating half drunken stories - you know who you are], Booth keeps his show focused on what matters the most - music. Although a bit heavy on the dubstep, Booth covers a range of genres, keeping the flow of tracks going with an intermission perfectly trimmed for track credit. Smack in the middle of the show is the pearl of Electronic Explorations - exclusive artists mixes by the likes of Neil Landstrumm, Boxcutter, Vex’d, Somatic Responses, Escapee Planes, Surgeon and many more. And Booth is just warming up! In my mind, Electronic Explorations is the leading podcast for the freshest beats from the established labels like Planet Mu, Ad Noiseam, Rephlex, Warp, Thinner, Ghostly, Modern Love as well as plenty of undiscovered talent. I write about the music that I like, but it’s up to you to get ahold of the reviewed material. Well, if I’ve never directly shared my favorite music, it’s because Booth is doing a tremendous job in that space all on his own. And it’s free! |

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