Saturday, March 1, 2008

Robert Logan - Grinder EP (Slowfoot)

Last year, 19 year old Robert Logan hit the UK scene with his debut album, Cognessence. It was immediately embraced by the dubstep and the dark experimental IDM communities alike. In February 2008, Logan followed up his full length with a 12" EP on the same label, Slowfoot Records. Although two tracks from the record have previously appeared on the LP, the title track alone makes the vinyl worthy of collector's purchase. The sound of the four pieces is a continuously developing crunchy groove with a touch of big beat, infusion of hip-hop, and a base of dark ambient texture swishing at the bottom of this poisonous cocktail. I am perpetually impressed by the twists and turns of the progression in Logan's music. The label quotes Logan's previous collaboration alongside of Grace Jones and Brian Eno, contributing to Alex Gibney's documentary Taxi to the Darkside [winner of Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature]. Recommended if you like Hecq, Architect and Burial and crave a bit of new evolving darker sound. Favorite tracks: Grinder and Lost Highway. |

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derby said...

sounds good so far. I wish your reviews had audio embedded to lesson the annoyance of lamespace.