Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bitstream - The Severed EP (Touchin’ Bass)

Bitstream are two brothers from Northamptonshire UK, Steve and Dave Conner, who produce some of the most corrosive, darkest, glitchy electro I’ve heard. Their earlier, sophomore full length release on Boomkat’s Modern Love label, titled Domestic Economy 7, had me bopping my head for years (I especially love track 6 on the album, Dragon 32). They have since migrated to Touchin’ Bass, a label more prominent with its electro releases. The Severed EP picks up exactly where the Conner brothers have left it off with their Streamlining EP three years ago, although I think their style got even darker, and almost industrial. I’d like to quote Kris Needs’ metaphorical image of "the electro-goat [...] charging around the garden butting everything in sight while waving an angry bell-end at musical conventions." And permit me to quote one more, since I myself couldn’t have said it better - "cold, chattering machines gnash at the skeletal groove’s pendulous testicles, again to an impenetrable background of small animals having a picnic." Next time, invite me to the picnic, will ya? I am hoping that the four tracks on the EP is just a sneak preview into a new album that Bitstream is working on. Similar artists include Gescom, Claro Intelecto, Chris Clark, AFX, and Cylob. Favorite track: Muspel. |

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