Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aquilone - Untitled (Unsigned)

Cyril Guillory is a Rennes (France) based unsigned musician, who goes by the name of Aquilone. The thirteen track demo disc that I received in the mail features a unique blend of electronic and organic instruments with an occasional vocal interlude, incorporating saturated pads, filtered noise, loopbacks and a familiar analog rhythms. The heavy and raw synth lines remind me a bit of Ulrich Schnauss, while the near distorted and overdriven guitars flash with a flavor of Belong and Ben Frost. Guillory includes a handful of artists for his inspirations, among them I recognize Pan Sonic, The Notwist, A Silver Mt. Zion and múm. But I also can't help but hear a heavy Radiohead and Thom Yorke influence. Check out some tracks on his myspace, while I'll keep my eye out for his first album.

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