Saturday, March 1, 2008

Skeetaz - Off (Proboscis)

I am a huge Jamie Watts (KiloWatts) fan, so it's no wonder that I'm excited about his side project with Bil Bless under the Skeetaz moniker. This 2008 debut album is released on the duo's own label, Proboscis Records. Watts seems to be all over the place these days - there's his latest full length release Ground State on Native State Records (which alone is worthy of foaming mouthful of praise), multiple singles on his own digital KiloWatts Music label, and a fantastic take on IDM meets folk sound - an album titled Focus & Flow, in which he collaborates with Peter Van Ewijk under KiloWatts & Vanek moniker. Whew! It seems that Watts is simply oozing music and excreting ideas... But back to mah- Skeetaz. The album features the usual excellent IDM treatments - still melodic, intelligent and very playful - but just a touch darker at times. I would even be brave to nudge the album towards dark electro and psychedelic breaks, as the sound is clearly influenced by psytrance bleeps, clicks, and other insects. Don't get fooled by a digital-only independent label release - the sound is groundbreaking and the production is super tight. Excellent brain tingle for the lazy Monday mornings. I snatched this candy from Addictech's new digital download outlet in FLAC - check out the online samples. Absolutely favorite track: Dirty Dobbers. | |

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travis said...

hi, glad you found my blog too ;) im a big Kilowatts fan too, and i hadnt heard of this one yet. ill definitely go give it a listen..

btw, Headphone Commute is a great moniker.. i wish id thought of it first! im listening to tons of music every day while i ride the train to work (the basis for most of my reviews)...