Saturday, March 1, 2008

Morning Recordings - The Welcome Kinetic (Loose Thread)

Morning Recordings is a brainchild of a Chicago based Pramod Tummala, and The Welcome Kinetic is his second full length on Loose Thread Recordings. The album is sprinkled with many guest appearances and musical collaborations, most notable among them is the voice of Drag City's Edith Frost, essentially comprising of a collective of friends. Tummala himself is easily comfortable on guitar, piano and the harmonium on this laid back classic soul, future jazz, and fusion album with elements of Tortoise-like staple vibraphone post-rock sound. The breathy playful vocals remind me a bit of Psapp and Portishead, while the lo-fi treatments and analog tape manipulation is reminiscent of Boards of Canada and Dictaphone. The album effortlessly loops and folds over itself, mostly in major harmonic scale, and serves as excellent background music, while you stare at the clock, watching the hands tick away the stubborn minutes left at work. Many tracks are already stuck in my head. Be sure to pick up a previous album, Music For Places, which features the lovely voice of Lindsay Anderson (think Telefon Tel Aviv's Sound In a Dark Room). Favorite Tracks: Sugar Waltz, The Welcome Kinetic, and Songs From A Hotel Bar. | |

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