Saturday, March 29, 2008

Animals On Wheels - Nuvol I Cadira (Ntone)

Another album that keeps popping up on my rotations is the last release by Animals On Wheels, Nuvol I Cadira, released on Ninja Tune’s sub-label Ntone (originally named Ninja Tone). Animals On Wheels is a solo project of Andrew Coleman, whose last album, Tony Alva’s Hair appeared on Cocosolidciti Records in 2005. Nuvol I Cadira, on the other hand is almost ten years old now. Yet, if this is your first listen, I promise you a collection of light, jazzy, and refreshing beats. Falling somewhere during the prominent years of output from Amon Tobin, Prefuse 73, and Squarepusher, Nuvol I Cadira (translated from Spanish to "Cloud and Chair" and named after a sculpture in Barcelona), is a trip through chilled out organic downtempo with an occasional broken jungle beat. Recently, however, Coleman has been tinkering with some robot sci-fi, "crumpet nibbling", electronic hip-hop, in collaboration with Mike King under a project which he calls Robots With Hearts. In 2008 we can also look forward to Coleman’s soundtrack work for a video art project by Patrick Doan, Openland. The DVD release will include a separate audio CD featuring Coleman’s work as inspired by this collaboration, distinct from the soundtrack. Recommended if you like Funki Porcini, DJ Food, Coldcut, Blockhead, DJ Krush and Bonobo. Favorite track: A Plus Tard. | |

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