Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beefcake - Drei (Thrill Beat Construction) [+2.5]

What is happening? First, Radiohead releases In Rainbows on donation basis. Then, The Flashbulb uploads his own album, STAVL to bit torrent (see my full interview in Conversations With Benn Jordan). Then, Nine Inch Nails repeats the donation-based approach with a twist - offering an ultra-deluxe edition of Ghosts I-IV for $300 limited to 2500 copies. Within a day, the album sells out (that's a hefty sum of $750k for those without an abacus). And now I see that Volker Kahl has released ALL of his previous albums to the public, embracing the collapse of the industry as we know it. Being a huge fan of Kahl's most recent releases under the Kattoo moniker, I couldn't pass this one by, grabbing his older Beefcake releases (in collaboration with Gabor Schablitzki), and of course, donating in the process. I immediately embraced myself for breaky, crunchy IDM goodness over ambient atmospheres and orchestral pieces, and was rewarded with every track! This album was difficult to track down for a very long time, especially since Thrill Beat Construction packaged it in a miniature canvas tote bag, and chances are that you haven't heard this 2001 release! Well, now is your chance! If you are a fan of Hymen releases, Gridlock, Architect, Somatic Responses, Venetian Snares, Hecq, Wisp and Jega, you probably will melt into this cinematic masterpiece, and hopefully reward the artist accordingly.

I was able to track down Volker Kahl and get his view on the current state of the industry. Read full article as an installment in my new series of mini interviews called "Two and a Half Questions" - Two and a Half With Volker Kahl | |

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