Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hol Baumann - Human (Ultimae)

Hats off to my good friend Underfoot for bringing my attention to this new release from an excellent French psybient label, Ultimae Records. The owners of the label, Mahiane (Sunbeam) and Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana), have been focusing on some of the most advanced, chilled out, psychedelic ambient sound, with that uplifting morning trance feel. Lyon based Olivier Orand’s (Hol Baumann) sophomore record, Human, is no exception. Orand tastefully blends a pinch of ethnic asian sound with a base of downtempo glitchy atmospherics (reminding me a little of Tipper’s earlier work). Orand’s tracks have previously appeared on almost every installment of the excellent Ultimae Fahrenheit Project series. For the latest compilation volume, Fahrenheit Project Part Six, Orand contributed his Radio Bombay track, which, in my opinion is not the strongest in his entire album. What I’m saying is that Human has a lot more to offer than what you may have accidentally glimpsed through past appearances. I recommend you check out this release in its entirety, especially if you’re interested in exploring another form of chillout: psychill. Other artists to check out: Cell, Aural Planet, Bluetech, and Aes Dana. Favorite track: Benares. | |

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solipsistic said...

Hol's stuff is absolutely beautiful and is a perfect fit for Ultimae Records. I'm glad you're helping introduce Hol to new listeners because his stuff absolutely deserves to be heard.

I'm not here to pimp my show but to spread the gospel of Ultimae Records and Hol Baumann. Last year I had Hol on my show and played a recording of his performance at the Sonic and a few months earlier I had Sunny on as a guest and to play select tracks from Ultimae Records. I promise that each show will be good to your earhole :-)