Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wisp - Honor Beats (Sublight)

Out of Niagara Falls, NY, Reid W. Dunn pushes the beats further to where Squarepusher's work would be today. I know that this may be a repeating and unfair analogy - each artist should be seen in an original light - but this comparison should be considered a very highly paid compliment to Wisp. That being regurgitated, Honor Beats is a very complex, intelligent, micro programmed, post-IDM boarding breakcore slash abstract drum'n'bass album, with every track at absolutely top notch production. It is definitely a leap forward from Dunn's past NRTHNDR album, and at only eight tracks it is a treasured gem in my collection. In terms of original and ground breaking electronic sound in the same genre, only three artists come to mind [I hope this comment will trigger a flood of comments and recommendations] - Venetian Snares, The Flashbulb, and Wisp. In all of the above (including Squarepusher once again), it's more than just a chaos of unleashed and mental beats - there is a strong sense of music theory behind each track which makes the experience that much more... well... musical. Recommended as per above mentioned names. Favorite track: Lyftgeswenced.

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