Sunday, February 3, 2008

Harmonic 313 - EP 1 (Warp)

Mark Pritchard returns to Warp, this time with another solo project, throwing a "1" between the double integers of his more known collaboration with Dave Brinkworth, Harmonic 33. Pritchard's Harmonic 313 sound is not a far departure from the previous sci-fi space-hop within the frequency of music of the spheres. This time, the planetary travel has a Detroit flavor, filtered through an eight-bit spy thriller arcade game. This six track EP 1 of sequentially numbered Problems solve the microchip soldering details of abstep [my clipping for abstract dub step] and bleep-hop. Pritchard's discography tentacles through years, labels, and monikers, with most recognized collaborations under names like Global Communication, Jedi Knights, Reload and E621. I really loved the earlier 2002 release, Extraordinary People on Alphabet Zoo, and although this EP feels like just a teaser to the [hopefully] upcoming full album, I'm happy to add it to my collection. RIYL: RJD2, Bonobo, Fingathing and The Herbaliser. Favorite tracks: Problem1 and Problem 2. |

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