Sunday, February 3, 2008

Flashback : Goldie - SaturnzReturn / Mother (ffrr)

Being lately in this nostalgic mood to take the flashbacks on music from years ago, I decided to dig back into my collection and dust off the double CD released by Clifford Joseph Price, aka Goldie, back in 1998, titled Saturnzreturn. When Price was just a kid, his father walked out on him and his mother. The one hour track, appropriately titled Mother was created by Price with the burning question - "why?" Here's Diane Charlemagne with her recognizable voice (think Inner City Life). Accompanied by violins, and other synthesized strings, the ambient pads swirl in a hypnotic pattern for over twenty minutes. I doubt that I've listened this far last time, and frankly, I'm totally captivated by the mode of the track. At twenty two minutes, high hats with high-pass filtered beats begin to ride in slowly with the sampled waves. I didn't even realize when the rolls came in, when suddenly [and finally] the bass drops and now I'm bopping my head to the beat of drum'n'bass. The return (and perhaps the landing) is a similar soft glide back into nothingness. I can barely remember this album, so I was very much surprised of how much ahead of its time it was. I recommend a revisit for all d'n'b headz!

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steve said...

Never picked this up, but I love Timeless, and I even found and picked up the full, UK double lp version. I'll have to hunt this down then. Always up for some good Drum n Bass.