Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Ansion - That Is The Way Of Things (Skean Dhu)

When Jon Innes is not playing live, he can be found in his Ayrshire (Scotland) studio layering guitar shoegaze with laptop electronica. Innes' composition is undoubtedly fueled by heartbreak with open ended track titles like Her Resistance To The Mind Probe Is Considerable. Paced reverbed piano chords are complimented with vocoder lines over tight and dry 909 kit (that snare is just right) - what an amazing combination! The concoction of instruments and borrowed styles that synergize together, remind us that at the center of each track lies pure music that makes you feel - and that's the memorable component that we take away forever. That Is The Way Of Things effortlessly flows from genres and is an unbelievable trip when absorbed as a complete album. I'm looking forward to more output from The Ansion. Check out his page and buy the tracks directly from the artist! Recommended for the lovers of Ulrich Schnauss' ambient layers, Eluvium's melodies, and The Album Leaf's approach to drum machine intelligent post-rock. Favorite tracks : Die, You Big Fuck Off Spider, Die and as already mentioned Her Resistance To The Mind Probe Is Considerable.

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