Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tom Burbank - Famous First Words (Planet Mu)

It's about time I got my hands on this instant keeper from one of my favorite labels, Planet Mu. Part glitchy IDM, part instrumental trip hoppy beats, part experimental jazzy downtempo, Burbank's got my head bopping with every track, reminiscent of productions by Prefuse 73, edIT, RJD2, and Nautilis. The more I listen, the more the melodies implant themselves into my mind - and after half a dozen rotations, I am humming along with the sampled, scratched and processed vocals. Not much is known or written about Burbank, except the fact that he's from LA and has been a DJ member of BrokenBeat network within the West Coast scene. If the former mentioned artists have evolved and progressed onto their "next thang", while you're left helpless still craving more of "that sound", Famous First Words is almost guaranteed to fill in the void. If you accidentally missed this album from 2006, be sure to catch up and grab it - I'll forgive you. Favorite tracks: Gnats, Tha Chop, Cracked, and Juno Rhapsody.

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