Sunday, February 3, 2008

VA - Ranking Records Exclusive Studio Mix (Electronic Explorations)

This was a double surprise! Not only did I find a great podcast, Electronic Explorations, [nah, let's call it for what it is - a radio show broadcasted on the intarwebs], but also an amazing record label, Ranking Records. Rob Booth is behind his weekly 90-minute show that covers everything from electronica, IDM, techno, and of course dubstep. Inspired by Mary Ann Hobbs, Booth set out to craft a show for the music that he loves. This absolute random find just happened to be on  its 7th episode for Ranking Records; yet as I write this, I'm downloading and anticipating the show featuring one of my favorites - Boxcutter. Now on to Ranking Records. What can I say? The 30-minute mix embedded in the show completely revived my love for dubstep, and now I have no doubt that it will have a promising future ahead! Based in Leeds, UK, Ranking Records has breathed a new life into the genre - with only two 12" behind its belt (and I'm sure many coming in the future), the label delivers fresh, intelligent, and groovy beats, with a solid deep bass. The sound is jazzy, spacey, [dare I say] psychedelic, and continues to evolve throughout a perfectly mixed session. This is what I want dubstep to be. This is how the future is shaped today. I am an immediate fan of the label, already smiling towards a prosperous 2008.  Artists to watch: Ruckspin, Quark, and Planas. | |

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