Sunday, February 3, 2008

Deaf Center - Pale Ravine (Type)

Norwegian based, Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland produce a cinematic album as inspired by the "old silent 8mm film reels and historical architecture". Skvodin's releases should be familiar to you under his Svarte Greiner alias on Type Records, as well as Xhale and Solitaire Albread monikers with numerous releases on Miasmah. Totland has also contributed to Miasmah under Supine alias, and collaborated with Serein netlabel owner, Huw Roberts, as Nest. So it seems that the duo has their hands full, yet Deaf Center already scheduled a 7" in the pipeline for Type Records. Getting back to Pale Ravine - this is a true modern classical marvel, with slight undertones of ambient bliss; an album that excretes melancholy and drenches the soul in sadness; an acoustic phonography reserved for lazy Sunday afternoons, or early morning Saturdays. Either way, for either day, the world of Death Center is not unlike an archive of old and treasured films, left carelessly to age somewhere in the attic, only to be rediscovered once again... and celebrated once again. RIYL : Marsen Jules, Clickits, Goldmund, and Helios. Favorite tracks: White Lake, Thunder Night and The Clearing. |

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