Sunday, February 3, 2008

Elegi - Sistereis (Miasmah)

Miasmah started off as a free net label back in 1999, run by Oslo based Erik Skodvin (Deaf Center). Last year, the label turned it up a notch with CD releases, kicking it off with an amazing Silva compilation, and full album followups from quickly gaining ground artists like Encre, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Gultskra Artikler. Elegi is an alias of Tommy Jansen (one half of Cordion), and Sistereis is his debut release, in which Jansen explores the dark pathways of echoed memories on his deep-sea wreck-diving journey into the ship graveyards. The dying instruments cry out in moans, the floor boards creak, bowed strings sigh, and the clock is wound with withering fingers. Listening in the dark, the experience is truly haunting and at once unforgettable. Jansen crafts a kaleidoscope of experimental folk and dark ambient sounds which crawl under my skin, and prickle with goose bumps from within. Defying classification, but clutching strongly to the acoustic doom movement, the album is recommended for the likes of Svarte Greiner, Swod, above mentioned artists and Porn Sword Tobacco. Favorite track : Spill For Gallerie.

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