Saturday, January 19, 2008

Parson - Throw Some Ds (Planet Mu)

With 2007 bathing in grime, it seems that everyone is ready to jump on the dubstep bandwagon. But with a sudden saturation of new artists and material, how does one decipher and pick out the standouts. We could thank Mary Anne Hobbs and her acclaimed BBC Radio sessions, as well as an excellent Warrior Dubz compilation on Planet Mu that served as a good stepping stone into the world of dubstep. The label followed up with 12" releases from Pinch, Benga, MRK1, and my current subject, a debut release from Parson. Based out of Austin, Texas, Chris Parson drops immensely h-e-a-v-y bass over dark step with chopped vocals with a definitive unique US hip-hop flavor. With the help of Skint, the B-side is just as dirty ("filthy" if you will), vibrating my neighbors baby carriage across the street. This two track EP also secured a spot on 10 Tons Heavy and 200 compilations from Planet Mu. And if the wide vinyl grooves are too much for your expensive needles, pick up the lossless FLAC version from Be sure to also grab Parson's Ghostliner EP with a remix by Distance on Dubline Audio.

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