Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss (Burnt Toast Vinyl / Big Scary Monsters)

I've been listening to Yndi Halda for a while now, and it's an album that does not get old or tiresome. Rather, like a trip back home after a nostalgic year, the melodies are at once recognized and welcomed back with the feelings upon the very first listen. This is a first EP from a Canterbury (UK) based five piece instrumental post-rock band, although it has been floating around ever since its initial release as a three-track demo. Since then, Yndi Halda (which literally means "Enjoy Eternal Bliss" in Old Norse, a Medieval Scandinavian language) got signed by three labels, toured around the globe, and achieved world-wide distribution deal in February 2007. One of the band's talented members is James Vella, with an excellent release on Dynamophone Records under his side-project moniker A Lily [more on that later]. I'm going to skip all the adjectives and simply recommend this album, for the likes of This Will Destroy You, This Is Your Captain Speaking, Joy Wants Eternity and Caspian. Favorite tracks - all of them.

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