Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beware Of Safety - It Is Curtains (self)

The Silent Ballet announces their Top 50 Releases of 2007 and I frantically spend weeks just trying to catch up to the albums I missed. Among the many, rated at number sixteen (seriously, screw the numbers, huh?) comes a self released album from a Los Angeles based band. Just when I thought I've heard enough post-rock last year, BoS releases an album that makes me want to thrust it into the hands of music-agnostic-listeners and shout, "Here... here is an album that breaks through, regardless of the packaging, regardless of the wide distribution, regardless of the overblown pricing that never trickles down to the artist.. here is an album that is what it has always been about - music". Compared to the likes of Joy Wants Eternity, Explosions In The Sky, and This Will Destroy You, the four piece band skillfully controls dynamics, and the circulation of repetitive melodies and rhythm. Anxiously awaiting an LP. Favorite tracks: Kaura, The Difference Between Mind and Rain and To the Roof! Let's jump and Fall.

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