Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boxcutter - Glyphic (Planet Mu)

With the music community intensely micro focused on dubstep, it seems that everyone except me has thrown up Burial on the pedestal of their 2007 charts. Glyphic, however, tends to careen away from the mundane dark moods and breathes fresh elements into a spotlight style. The experience in production and techniques behind the album clearly shows Barry Lynn's artistry as he incorporates complex jazzy grooves, deep rumbling (and properly EQed) bass, and the detailed dubbed out breaks, with every track on an album offering a unique experience. Producing from Northern Ireland's Lurgan, this is Lynn's second LP on Planet Mu, which immediately falls into my category of intelligent listening music [hmm... perhaps this is my queue to trademark a new acronym]. Lynn is one of the artists who will propel the development of the genre, continuously exploring innovative approaches and push the envelope of its evolution well after the others have exhausted the winning formula. Watch this one. Favorite tracks: Foxy and Fieldtrip.

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