Sunday, January 6, 2008

Aaron Spectre - Lost Tracks (Ad Noiseam)

I have a lot of respect for a versatile artist - the one that attacks the musical and the noisy, the atmospheric and the tight, the beatless and the micro-programmed. Names like Lusine, Kattoo, Hecq, and Murcof come to mind among a few, and I am excited to add Spectre to that set. With a range of style that encompasses glitch and breakcore, under his Drumcorps moniker, Spectre returns to Ad Noiseam in 2007 under his real name, with a strikingly gorgeous downtempo and idm album (when are we retiring that term "idm"?). This collection of nine tracks spans about six years of production, but (going along with my new "resolution" of not emphasizing on composition and release dates), the album is fresh, original, and is anything but dated. Warm melodies, solid beats, and protective frequency space for the bass - something too often overlooked. Highly recommended for the likes of above mentioned artists. Favorite tracks: Voices, remix of Lapsed Break Ya Neck, and Degrees featuring the lovely voice of Kazumi (think Pink Lilies or Arovane's last album).

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