Saturday, January 12, 2008

Morgan Packard - Airships Fill The Sky (Anticipate Recordings)

In his micro minimal and abstract release on New York's Anticipate label, Morgan Packard, a classically trained musician, adds treatments of saxophone and accordion to straight flowing and experimental beats. Compared to releases by 12k label (Taylor Deupree comes to mind), Packard's album is full off organic pads, swirling ambient sweeps and glitchy samples. It is a perfect tool to cleanse one's palette between styles, and gently push the post-ambient listening trends towards the slow and minimal techno. I only have the digital version from iTunes, so I can not comment on the additional DVD which comes with the release, and includes "audio-visual sculptures" (with completely different music), stemming from live performances of Packard and visual artist, Joshue Ott. RIYL: Thomas Fehlmann, False, Pantha Du Prince. Favorite track: Waterbugs.

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