Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cepia - Natura Morta (Ghostly International)

With tracks ranging from downtempo to glitchy breaks to clicky electronica, Huntley Miller releases his first full length record on Ghostly. In the past, Miller has furnished a three track and six remix EP on Sublight, and has played the bass and keyboard for a Minnesota based five-piece band, Suki Takahashi, which provided a track for Merck's Dosage compilation back in 2003. He has also contributed a treatment to Lusine's Flat Remixes. Within repetitive loops and crackling beats, something wobbles and bleeps around the statically discharged sounds, which are at times fragmented and at once familiar. With composition revolving around personal responses during a secluded production period, Miller deconstructs the melodies that hint at the state of our dying nature. Favorite track: Untitled.

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