Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Sankt Otten

In my review I mention a unique German sound. Do you feel that there is a distinct geographic influence in your music?
Spontaneously, and as a German, I can't really see any apparent signs in our music, which could be linked directly to our German heritage. At least not in the way that one would think of Jamaica and their sort of music, for example. I guess considering the point of view of some of my other global compatriots that might look differently. What is the German stereotype in other countries? A mixture of tradition, being rooted, and visionaries? That somehow could fit to us, the Germans.

What are your classical music influences?
What I would accept, is that we try to achieve the sort of atmosphere, which is usually created by the classical composers, such as Henryk Gorecki, for example. It's a one of a kind mix of longing and mourning and yet at the end there is always a ray of hope. You combine that with hypnotic beats, the way you know them from Krautrock or Trip-Hop and the unbelievable Robert Fripp guitar soundscapes and that's how you get to Sankt Otten.

If your album was a soundtrack to a film, what would the main character's name be and why?
No clue. A mixture between a David Lynch episode and Brokeback Mountain with Darth Vader as a supporting character ;-) |

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