Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Julien Neto

Who are your current inspirations, in terms of modern and classical artists?
I tend to listen to just about anything I can, regardless of the genre. I have been on a golden era hip-hop tip lately, but I have been playing quite a lot of jazz and klezmer music too. As for classical music composers, it is hard to mention any as an inspiration without sounding pompous, but I have a quite a tender spot for Debussy.

Le Fumeur De Ciel seems to be a conceptual album around poems of Keats. Is there another melancholic message hiding beneath the surface?
As a matter of fact, only a bit of the album is based on poems of Keats.

You've been pretty quiet since the last release. What have you been working on?
I'd like to avoid making the same album twice, which is probably what has been holding me for some time. I have had the chance to work on a few remixes for friends and I am planning to release a dub(as in reggae-dub) record on Jahtari as soon as I am happy with what I can come up with. A sampler featuring one of my tracks has just been released. |

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