Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Mike Cadoo

To be honest, I still enjoy your Dryft tracks. Bitcrush, however, is such a departure from music you were making eight years ago. Do you miss producing that genre? Any chance of a return?
I am actively working on Dryft material. But what style or project I work on really depends on how I feel when I hit the studio. There are so many angles and projects that I am now working in and on. The next Bitcrush which will be somewhat different from what people I think will expecting. The Dryft material is probably what the people who could not follow me this far around the circle will want to hear. Then there is the SubtractiveLAD collaboration as well as some single guitar ambient I've been toying around with that will possibly see the light of day under my own name.

Who are your current musical inspirations and what genre elements excite you?
Genre has been a tough game for me from the music I create, release and listen to. I really try not to think of anything genre specific... just does it sound good and do I have an emotional connection with it. My inspirations for making music are usually how I am feeling. There are some days when the weather can be a nice dull gray and that sometimes is of inspiration as well.

What are some of the exciting upcoming n5MD releases?
Near the Parenthesis has a new album called L'eixample that will be releases this summer in tandem with the reissue of the Bitcrush Shimmer And Fade EP which has bonus material in the form of 4 unreleased tracks which extends it to album length. Then there will be releases in the fall from Another Electronic Musician, Lights Out Asia, and Funckarma. Last Days and Slidecamp are also currently working on albums for n5MD so the fall may be busy depending on when they finish. |

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