Friday, May 23, 2008

Klimek - Dedications (Anticipate)

Sebastian Meissner migrates his Klimek project from Kompakt on to Anticipate Recordings. For this eight-piece ambient album, German based Meissner indeed creates tracks dedicated to his many artistic influences. This guitar driven, effect saturated, and soundscape rich composition, positions Klimek perfectly along the leading experimental and modern classical composers like Ben Frost, Marsen Jules, and Deaf Center. Meissner's previous notable ambient recordings include Selected Random Works under his Random Industries alias; The Very Best Of under Bizz Circuits; and Walking In Jerusalem under Random_Inc alias for Mille Plateaux label. Meissner has also previously released Into The Void album on Sub Rosa under his real name. He is responsible for numerous installations in Germany, Poland, Norway, and an upcoming collaboration with Zaellia Bishop in Italy. Add to the CV a couple of latest soundtrack works, and you have yourself a fully immersed, musically rounded artist. The delicately crafted textures on Dedications, suggest hours upon hours of painstaking labor, pulling the strings through reverberation chambers, until they slap back into the standing waves of ghost filled echoes. Somewhere, in the back, an old piano is playing. Like Disintegration Loops of William Basinski, the sampled sources are cut and fed back into the machine, while retaining all of their organic characteristics. Whether taken out of context, or together as a conceptual piece, the tracks on Dedications speak all on their own. Haunting, lush, and timeless - Dedications is not an album to pass by or brush off lightly. Other artists to check out from Ezekiel Honig's Anticipate label include Sawako, Morgan Packard, and the very latest Nicola Ratti. And don't forget to pick up Klimek's last 2006 release on Kompakt, Music To Fall Asleep. Favorite track: For Steven Spielberg & Azza El-Hassan. | |

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