Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow (Darla)

Hammock never fails to dissolve the illusion of time and space, break down the matrix of structured rules, and unplug from the looping pattern of being. Hammock makes me close my eyes and with the flow of sound hear my breathing. I occasionally drift outside of my thoughts while soaring through the vast soundscapes of Hammock's pillow-soft meadows. But when I listen closely, the music speaks in its ambient tongue to the body within. Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd have been creating their ethereal lullabies since the inception of Hammock Music, and their debut release, Kenotic, in 2005. Four albums later we are rewarded with Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow. At once in a familiar territory of reverb-heavy guitars, pads, and strings, the progressions are reminiscent of sound left over from Hammock's last masterpiece, Raising Your Voice... Trying To Stop An Echo. This recognition is not a mere coincidence. In 2007 Hammock was asked to play at the Riceboy Sleeps exhibit (the art project of Sigur Rós' Jón "Jónsi" Birgisson and Parachutes' Alex Somers) in a modest loft, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. But this was Hammock's first live PA, with no previous experience or sufficient budget to unleash their layered sonic ocean. A unique Hammock sound had to be created specifically for the live performance of the duo, using only their guitars, pedals, and synths. This stripped down version of Hammock revealed its essence at the core. Although the experience of live sound can never be repeated, its echo is shared with you, in this studio recording of the original music written for the occasion. And maybe... just maybe... they will sing for us tomorrow.

An interesting afterthought by the event's organizer, Chuck Dodson:
Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow | |

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solipsistic said...

Here's a bit of synchronicity for you.

This week on solipsistic NATION my guest DJ was Pietrobot, the co-host of Digital Nimbus and the maaging editor of Igloo Magazine. Pietro played a wonderful mix shoegazer electronica and one of the bands featured in his mix was Hammock. Very beautiful stuff, HC!

By the way, after reading your post I visited the Darla Records page and got turned on to the fetching vocals of Ariel Abshire. She kind of reminds oe of Mirah but not as precious.

Nice music to wake up to. Going to rock both Hammock and Ariel on my iPod during my walk to get a cup of joe at the Influx Cafe.