Friday, May 16, 2008

Stateless - Stateless (Studio !K7)

I first came across Stateless after hearing Chris James contribute vocals to DJ Shadow's last album, The Outsider. I picked up the self titled debut on Studio !K7, and got treated to exactly what I was looking for - indie tracks mixed with trip-hop beats and a hint of that Radiohead sound. Stateless is a Leeds based band comprising of afore mentioned Chris James on vocals, guitars and keyboards; Justin Percival on the bass; David Levin on the drums; Rod Buchanan-Dunlop on live-FX and keyboards, and Gerard Roberts (Kidkanevil) on the turntables adding that staple Portishead feel. By the time you reach the third track, Bloodstream, which also appeared as a promo single (with two remixes by Henrik Schwarz), you realize that Stateless got somethin' there. Still a bit in the shadow of Josh Davis [pun intended?], Stateless is starting to pick up steam across the UK electronic/indie scene. Listening to an album a couple of times, you realize that Stateless' lyrics are full of soul. This is the kind of album you've been craving for without knowing. Play Bloodstream to your [non-electronic-inclined] friends in a car, and they'll be asking you questions about the artist, to which, in a matter-of-fact voice you can reply, "Oh, that? That's Stateless. Haven't you heard?" Recommended if you also follow leftfield sound from Hird, Plej, Little Dragon, Unkle and Nostalgia 77. | |

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