Monday, April 21, 2008

Under Languid Lights - Diver Demo (self)

There are only three short instrumental post-rock tracks on this demo from a German group based out of Köln (Cologne) and Düsseldorf, calling themselves Under Languid Lights. The mood is airy, upbeat and lighthearted. There are no brooding crescendos, apocalyptic messages, nor melancholic images. Instead, each track on the Diver Demo offers a controlled melodic progression that folds neatly within an individual story. But forgive me for just a moment to digress and talk about the packaging. Yes, it's that important. Every cover of the demo is handmade artwork and is undeniably unique. If you check out the photos on the band's myspazz, you'll witness the process of package design and creation, each piece personally labored over. Somehow that adds that much more value to each copy, in not just in eyes of a collector, but music lover as well. In this digital world of limitless copies and aliased illusions, this little touch matters. And if it was the cover that got me to listen to the album, before I chose another album from a queue of submitted uploads... then it worked. And now I've heard the demo a dozen times and enjoyed it enough to tell you about it. Of course, the music will speak for itself. This time a little louder.

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