Monday, April 21, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Under Languid Lights

What makes German post-rock unique?
I don't think there's anything uniquely German about the post-rock bands in Germany. The bands have such different styles that range from a light and experimental indie-sound as found in the music of SDNMT all the way to the dark, heavy sound of Long Distance Calling. I think post-rock is not so much a genre that you can identify by a certain sound that is persistent throughout all the bands. It's rather a way of dealing with your individual background of rock-music, which is common to post-rock bands of all countries.

How did you come up with the idea of making personalized packaging?
Our drummer David Caspar (The Secret Window) is also an assemblage-artist. He used to make customized sleeves for mix-CDs that he made for himself and was always talking about making every CD unique once we should record some of our songs. Now we had to find a way to make 250 copies pretty quickly and not taking a day to make a single CD-sleeve. So we came up with the idea to apply an individual grounding layer to the sleeves and screenprint all text and graphics onto it afterwards. This still matched our wish of handcrafting the sleeves but gave us the possibility of "mass-production". And besides it was a lot of fun and made our hands green...

Will we see a full length album soon?
We hope so! All of us have real-life jobs or are going to university. At the moment we invest almost every minute of our spare time to contribute to the band. Right now we are focusing on playing shows and will probably be touring in late summer and fall. We might use the boring gray German winter to write enough new songs to be able to record an album in early 2009. We already have plans for the artwork!

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