Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Jeff Sanders

What have you learned from playing in cover bands?
I got to learn some of my favorite songs... which definitely helped teach me to write songs. I also learned how hard it is for 4-5 people to stay on the same page...for everyone to be committed and always give 100%. There's a lot of compromise involved for everyone to get their share and feel part of a band... like, in order for me to get my "Mister Crowley" played, I had to learn a Marilyn Manson or Korn song or some shit to keep the balance strong... it's all good though...

What is the drive behind giving out your album in MP3 for free?
I just want people to hear Mountain Mirrors. I don't have a single on the radio or whatever... I also want people to know they're gonna get a solid album. Not just a bunch of filler... You can listen to the whole thing as many times as you want. Share it with friends, burn it to CD. You shouldn't get "tricked" into buying music based on some publicist's bullshit. Only music you feel in your heart after repeated listens deserves your hard earned money and support. Maybe I'm wrong. lol... but it feels right and that's all good. :-)

What is special about Massachusetts?
The best part is it's so close to New Hampshire. :-) LOL, I guess it's the perfect balance of woodlands, ocean towns... and Boston is awesome. |

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