Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mountain Mirrors - Dreadnought (self)

Talking up rock, slightly dipped in psychedelic dementia, and roasted with a metal torch is a first for me. So it must mean something. Jeff Sanders's third album, Dreadnought, is a total surprise to me. I think the most unbelievable fact is that I really like it. And I never thought that I would enjoy music, the influence of which came from metal artists like Anthrax and Metallica. Prior to writing, Jeff has played in a cover band, until the bug of creation finally bit him. All the years gliding over riffs and familiar chords finally paid off. With the help of a couple of friends, Jeff formed Mountain Mirrors, and set out to produce his "twisted acoustic rock music from the woods of Massachusetts." The instruments are skillfully controlled, the mixing quality is superb, and even and the lyrics are haunting [I say 'even', because you know how I feel about lyrics]. Bottom line is this: either Dreadnought is a very special album, or this genre of music has grown on me after hours of playing Guitar Hero. I'd like to think that the former is true. One way to find out - check out this album and tell me what you think. Jeff's additional current influences include High on Fire, Opeth, Mastodon, and Megadeath.

Jeff is kind enough to share with you the Dreadnought Promo. |

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