Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Andrew Coleman

Describe your separation from music produced under Animals On Wheels alias and under your real name.
The original idea was to present 'Animals on Wheels' as a pretend band and then do 'solo' projects under my own name. Silly I know... Nowadays, I am still waiting for the next AOW album to come together. I have a vast selection of unreleased tracks but finishing off an actual release seems really tricky. There can sometimes be a fine line between self-criticism and self-hatred.

Talk about your experience composing a soundtrack. How does the visual art guide your music and vice versa?
I need to see something visually to work out the direction of the soundtrack. Colour, mood and texture; but I don't need to know if there's a story. Colour has always played a big part in my internal music making world. I don't know if it's synesthesia, more likely just a cog in the abstract thought processes that go on whilst creating. I have always found the idea of writing a lyrical song near impossible. I'm far more likely to see a green-blue glow in a song than consider any kind of conceptual narrative.

What else are you up to these days?
I'm looking into ways to distribute my music at the moment. My love/hate relationship with CD's is all hate these days so I have very little interest in releasing on that format. I am also rather cynical about the way a lot of indie labels work in the UK so I'm wondering if cutting out middlemen and going the DIY route is the way forward. My ideal scenario would be to offer up my unreleased back catalog as mp3's for cheap download and then use any income to fund a limited vinyl release with fancy packaging. I love the idea of hand made covers... Unfortunately, I don't know if that's viable - people don't seem so keen to buy music these days. |

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