Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion (Evol Intent)

What an album! Last year I raved about DJ Hidden’s massive The Later After release [also my Best of 2007 selection], and now I’m being slapped with Era Of Diversion by a trio out of Atlanta calling themselves Evol Intent. With "love" spelled backwards, the group members are Ashley Jones (The Enemy), Nick Weiller (Knick), and  Mike Diasio (Gigantor). You may have seen these names before on some hard d’n’b labels like Barcode Recordings, Renegade Hardware, and of course their own label, Evol Intent. The debut album includes tracks featuring amazing choppy, dark and crispy IDM breaks, solid hardstep drum’n’bass, abstep, and a selection of super tasteful breakcore. The release mixes in tracks featuring the lyrics by J Messinian (James Fiorella) and drilling spitting rhymes by Cypher Linguistics. And that’s not all! We also get a treat from Ewun and a Spor remix. Look, I need just one hard chop to the throat a year. And in 2008 I loose my breath with Era of Diversion. Yet as I grasp for air, moments away from asphyxiation, I get a kick in the groin. These boys just don’t play nice. Seriously. If this is what drum and bass is becoming, then I’m ready, even as I’m lying on the floor in the fetal position. And for god’s sake, spend some money on a woofer and turn that [low frequency loudspeaker] up! In addition to the above mentioned names, pick up this album if you like SPL, Counterstrike, Technical Itch, Limewax, and Current Value.

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