Friday, June 18, 2010

Two and a Half Questions with Milhaven

- Can you tell us how Milhaven was formed?
Milhaven was founded as a trio in 2001 by Christoph, Jens and Johannes (b). Three years later, we played a live show at our home town, where we met Andi, a former school mate of Christoph. Andi (g) joined us on the second guitar to provide more melodies. 20 days later, we performed our first show as a quartet.

- Where does the name come from?
It is borrowed from a Nick Cave Song. But irresponsibly and obviously misspelled.

- I see the image of the whale on your album, and I always confuse your name with Melville (who is the author of Moby Dick). What is the symbol of the whale?
The whale is the most powerful creature living on earth, something to be feared and adored past belief and, finally, the downfall of Ahab and his crew.

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