Monday, August 25, 2008

Two and a Half Questions with Igorrr

What are you influences and how did you decide to mix classical with speedcore?
I'm used to listening to quite a lot of different styles but mainly metal, baroque and electronic music. A lot of extreme things anyway, but always artists that get as close possible to the limits of their ideas, to the point where they can't go any further. Then what I find so frustrating is to appreciate all those different styles knowing that they most of the time don't get along, even turning their back to the qualities of each other. You see, I like Chopin just as much as Meshuggah or Venetian Snares, so why not cross these styles?

I really love that you have real vocals on your track - how did you go about getting people to sing for you?
The guys that sang on Moisissure are good friends. Simon Fleury sings on "Putrefiunt", he's a fat beardy Irish guy whom I've worked with for a few years now and he's also the singer of a rock fusion band called City weezle. And Laurent Lunoir on "Phasme Obèse" and "Moelleux", who has more of a classical-meets-black-metal voice, he too is a good friend. He was the first singer in WHOURKR and currently has a doom project called Oxxo Xoox. Theses guys are 2 really good singers and I like working with both of them.

What instruments to you play?
On moisissure, "Putrefiunt" is the song with the most acoustic instruments on the album: guitar and piano mostly, but I also play some drums. On "Phasme Obèse" I also kinda did some screwin' around with the piano and the guitar afterwards, but these instruments were recorded acoustically.

How come you're not signed yet?
AAAaaahh I dunno why, I've refused a few because the offers just didn't seem good enough. I can't say why I haven't had any interesting offers yet. I keep my hair nice 'n' neat, and my armpits smell like sweet roses. Well... Maybe it's the thickness of my eyebrows that scares them off.

Tell us about your upcoming WHOURKR release.
We've been workin' on this baby for 2 years now with -i snor, It's really extreme and very intricate down to the milisecond... We are using the same mix of death metal and electronica/breakcore, but the vocals are particularly ignominous. There are also more tracks than we had on Naät on this one, with a featuring from Laurent Lunoir (WHOURKR's first vocalist) on one called "Santo". But on the overall perspective I think we have something really good going on with this album, the tracks are quite short and it is Very violent and very worked-upon music. My god! I sometimes even freak myself out listening to this album... |

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